Baby carriages

Travel safely and lock your carriage’s wheels and hold on to the carriage for the duration of your travel. Place the carriage in the space reserved for them so that they do not disturb movement in the bus or people exiting the bus.

Only a limited number of baby carriages fit inside the bus. The bus driver has the right to refuse to let a traveler with a carriage aboard the bus if the carriage cannot be placed inside the bus safely due to a large number of passengers or baggage.

You may travel free of charge with a child sitting in baby carriages or strollers only on trips within zone A or zone B. The person traveling with a carriage must pay for their own travel for trips that go beyond zones A or B or in other zones. A person transporting an empty baby carriages or strollers in a bus have to buy a ticket.

Free of charge travel with carriages is based on independent decisions made by the municipalities inside the range of activity of Oulu Public Transport.

Children under 7 years old travel free of charge with an escort (a maximum of four children per escort). A ticket must be purchased for children that exceed this restriction. The escort must pay for their own travel. Children traveling in carriages are included in the calculated number of children per escort.

People traveling with children in baby slings or baby carriers must pay for their own travel. When the child is securely in the escort’s arms or tied to their body, the escort should enter the bus from the front door and pay for their travel before taking a seat. In these cases, there is no need to leave the child alone when paying for the trip.

Baby Carriages in other Transportation

On the public transport line 59 Oulu-Haukipudas acquired by the ELY centre (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment), the baby carriages are placed in the bus’s cargo compartment. A payment for the carriages is not collected, but the person traveling with them must pay for their travel.