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Travel zones

Oulu region transport (OSL) organizes public transportation in a region which includes Oulu, Ii, Kempele, Liminka, Lumijoki, Muhos, and Tyrnävä. OSL tickets can also be used to travel in Hailuoto, where public transport is organized by ELY centre.

The OSL region is divided into five zones: Lähi (L), A, B, C, and D. Lähi-zone, which is located inside the A zone, is included in the A zone without additional fees.

Lähi-zone tickets can be used for traveling in minibuses, called Lähibussi. Purchase a Lähi-A ticket when you want to travel on larger buses (in finnish called “onnikka”) running in Lähi zone. You can see the exact zone boundaries in the digital route guide.

The ticket price depends on the number of zones you choose. See the route guide online to see how many zones you need to include in your ticket.

OSL bus tickets can be used for travels to Hailuoto

The public bus service in Hailuoto is organized by ELY centre. You can travel on route 59 to Hailuoto with OSL tickets. Hailuoto is located in zone D. For example from Oulu city centre to Hailuoto you need ticket covering zones Lähi-D.

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