Accessibility statement

This accessibility statement applies to the Oulu Regional Transport’s web service, and The statement was compiled on 3.11.2023. All legislation on the offering of digital services that obligates the web service to be accessible applies to these services.

The accessibility of these services has been reviewed by an external expert organization, Newelo Oy.

The state of accessibility of our digital service

The website meets most of the accessibility requirements.

The most significant issues are listed on our Finnish webpages. The services include parts delivered by third parties who have been informed of the non-accessible content in their services.

Non-accessible content and the WCAG 2.1 requirement that is not met  can be found on the Finnish side of this webpage.

Did you find a flaw in accessibility on our website?

Please tell us. We will do our best to fix it.

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Supervision Authority

If you find any flaws in accessibility on our website, please send feedback to the site’s administrator. It could take 14 days for them to respond.

If you are unsatisfied with the response or you receive no response in two weeks, please file a complaint to Southern Finland’s Regional State Administrative Agency. The Regional State Administrative Agency’s website will offer you instructions on how to file the complaint and how it is processed.

Supervision Authority’s contact information

Southern Finland’s Regional State Administratice Agency

Accessibility Supervision Unit

Their website is found here

E-mail address:

Phone number 0295 016 000

Accessibility of the OSL application