Customer service

Lost and found

Have you lost your travel card or did you leave something behind in the bus?

OSL customer service

Oulu Public Transport’s customer service serves customers from the phone number 08 5584 0400 Mon-Fri 9.00-15.30. On  Wednesdays our ticket office Oulu10 will answer your call.

Outside the service hours, you may contact the chatbot, “OuluBot”, that can answer simple questions, or you can send us messages with the forms below. Please choose the form based on your feedback topic.


You may also contact us online. You may write us freeform feedback, but we need specific information in order to investigate and solve matters. The freeform feedback must follow laws and good manners. Our customer service reserves the right to not process inappropriate feedback that includes cursing and name-calling.

If needed, we will forward the feedback to the bus line operator or ticket seller that the feedback concerns for further investigation. The operators and ticket sellers have the right to reply to feedback that concerns them. This is why it sometimes takes a long time to respond to feedback. We promise to respond to all feedback within 30 days.

Feedback form: travelling

Give us feedback on a driver, a bus stop, a bus, a route, a timetable or an accident.

Feedback form: tickets and payment

Give us feedback on the travel card, mobile ticket, contactless payment or other tickets, service desk and paying.

Feedback form: open feedback

Give us feedback on our communications or customer service, route planner or other subject.