We recommend transporting bicycles on buses outside of rush hours. The driver has the right to refuse to take in bicycles during rush hours and when the space reserved for bicycles is full. The driver decides whether or not to take in bicycles or other large items onto the bus.

Hold on to the bicycle and make sure that it will not move or fall, and that it does not cause disturbance or danger to other passengers. Place the bicycle in the space reserved for bicycles so that it does not disturb movement in the bus and that people can easily get off the bus.

The bicycle transport charge is 2,00 € per bicycle, and it must be paid in cash. Right of exchange is not included in the payment.

The bicycle transport charge can be applied for large bicycles or other comparable vehicles.

You may transport folding bicycles free of charge when folded. Children’s small bicycles of children under 7 years old and small kick scooters or other comparable vehicles can be transported free of charge as well.