Some Oulu Public Transport’s buses include recording camera surveillance. Surveillance is used to prevent disturbances and willful damage. The video recordings are used in investigating cases of disturbance.

Prepare for sudden movements of the bus

Ensure your own safety during travel and hold on to rails when moving inside the bus.

Hold on to the baby carriages during the entire travel

Turn on the brakes of baby carriages or strollers and hold on to them for the duration of the entire travel.

Turn your wheelchair’s back in the direction of travel

Place the wheelchair in the space reserved for wheelchairs and turn your back in the direction of travel. Turn on the chair’s brakes and use a seat belt if there is one on the bus.

Make sure the driver can see you in the dark

Signal the driver to stop with your hand, a reflector or your phone’s flashlight early to make sure the driver can see you and is able stop the bus in time. Get out of the way of the coming bus. Please note that the ground by the bus stop can be slippery when entering and exiting the bus.

Call for help

In cases of emergency, call the general emergency number 112. Administer first aid to those who need it until the rescue authorities arrive.