Terms of use for the OSL app

With the OSL app you can buy a ticket for the Oulu Region Transport and use the route guide. Tickets are valid in the payment zones selected in the app. All OSL tickets work on your phone, i.e. they do not load on the OSL travel card used in the Oulu region.

The ticket becomes valid immediately after the approved purchase transaction. Please make sure that the ticket is on your phone before boarding the transport and that the clock on your phone is set to the correct time. When you travel, the QR code is read by the reader when you board the transport. If necessary, show a valid ticket to the driver or ticket inspector.

Payment is made with a Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard payment card (debit or credit) with the online payment feature activated. Other payment methods include MobilePay and mobile payment, the latter being charged by telephone bill. For mobile payment, Wi-Fi on the device must be disabled.

When purchasing a ticket, the balance must be sufficient to pay for the entire ticket. If you use mobile payment, the operators will forward your mobile phone number to the public transport operator for billing. With mobile payment, you can buy single and daily tickets within the single and monthly limits set by the operators. Season tickets cannot be purchased with mobile payment.

The app will recognize you and offer the payment cards you have stored in the payment service when you pay for the product. The information stored in the payment service includes the payment card number and expiry date. No payment card information is stored in the application.

The receipts of purchase transactions can be viewed in the OSL application.

Ticket purchases cannot be cancelled. Before confirming your payment, please check the zones and customer group you have selected.

The ticket allows unlimited travel during the period of validity shown on the ticket, in the zone for which the ticket was purchased. The ticket allows you to change to another means of transport during its period of validity.

When the ticket expires, you can continue to travel in the zones of validity of the ticket, but you are no longer allowed to change.

If your phone’s clock is wrong or the app is closed and your phone is not connected to the network, an up-to-date ticket cannot be displayed. In this case, the ticket will not be valid.

It is worth registering for the service, because if your phone is changed, broken, stolen, or lost, it will allow you to transfer a valid season ticket to a new phone.

A 30-day ticket can be transferred to a new phone a maximum of 5 times.

You can buy a 30-day student ticket if:

  • You are over the age of 17 and study full-time (student status in My Studyinfo -service)
  • You have updated your student information by getting the link about your studies from My Studyinfo -service using strong identification. Student status will be updated at most up to the end of August the following year. After this, you must update your status again if your studies continue.
  • The student ticket is personal (be prepared to prove your identity)

In the OSL application, the user must register and be logged in to the application to purchase a season ticket.

The OSL application is part of the Waltti ticketing and payment system, a national system shared by public transport authorities. The customer data in the OSL application are stored in the customer register of the Waltti webshop (https://kauppa.waltti.fi/en/). A personal data register is created for the service and its underlying subsystems in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, where the controller is Waltti Solutions Oy/ Oulu Region Transport.

The Customer must accept the terms of use in force from time to time for both the Waltti Solutions Oy service and the purchased tickets (Oulu Region Transport). The Customer can check the terms of use related to the service via the Information tab of the OSL application.

Have a smooth journey with the OSL application!