Contactless payment

You may pay for your own travel in Oulu’s public transport buses with your debit/credit card’s contactless payment feature. Contactless payment feature works on Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, and Eurocard debit cards and on the mobile payment apps Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Your debit card works as your personal bus ticket, which is why you can only use contactless payment to pay for your own journey.

Contactless payments are connected to a daily pay cap, which means a fixed daily fee. Even if you used your card to pay for tens of tickets in one day, you will only pay up to the daily cap of the zones you are traveling in. The daily cap is the reason why you can only pay for your own travel with contactless payment.

Before you scan your debit/credit card make sure you have selected zones you need.  You cannot cancel the zones after tapping your card or mobile to the reader. There is no refund due to wrong selection of zones.


The prices are same for all passengers regardless of age or discount groups. The tickets are in effect for 90 minutes. The daily cap is in effect for 00.00–23.59.

ZoneSingle paymentDaily cap
Lähi (L)1,20 €4,20 €
Lähi-A / B / C / D2,05 €7,20 €
Lähi-B / B-C / C-D4,05 €11,25 €
Lähi-C / B-D6,25 €16,20 €
Lähi-D8,20 €19,80 €

Use the same payment method for the whole day

Pay for all of your day’s travels with the same debit card or mobile payment app by using contactless payment. Building up charges to the daily cap will start over if you use a different payment method, even if you have connected the same debit card to your mobile payment app.

Choose one payment method (debit card or mobile payment app) and stick with it for the whole day.

See the charges and print out receipts online

You are offered a digital receipt for contactless payments on buses, driver will not give a ticket on the bus when you tap to pay. You may see all your travel charges from Littlepay online service with your payment card details. You may also print out a receipt of you charges online.  The charges are visible online for 90 days.

Payments made with contactless payment might show up as authorization holds, the amounts may vary between banks.