Young man waving his OSL travel card at an arriving bus.

Travel card

Onto your OSL travel card, you can load season tickets and value that you can use to buy a single ticket for yourself and the person you are travelling with. Setting up a card costs 3.60 euros at a service point, but you can also order it free of charge online. The travel card can be personal or holder-specific used by multiple people.

Personal card

A personal card can only be used by the card owner. The card has the customer group and the default zones stored. You can change the default zones in the online store by using strong identification with a mobile certificate or your personal online banking credentials.

You can buy a personal card in the Waltti online store or at Oulu10 service point.

Multi-user card

A holder-specific card can be used by multiple people. The card’s customer group is adult, and you can only load balance to the card. Holder-specific cards are sold only at Oulu10.

  • No set-up fee will be charged for a travel card that has been ordered online. If ordering online is not possible for you, you may purchase a travel card at Oulu10 service point at the price of 3,60 euros.

    We will send a travel card ordered online in an envelope to your home within approximately two weeks of placing the order.

    • Register or log in to the Waltti online store.
    • Use strong identification with a mobile certificate or your personal online banking credentials.
    • Select ”Order new travel card”.
    • Select the zones you need for the card. You can change your zone selection at any time in the online store.
    • Select a value, a season ticket or both.
    • Review your shopping basket and pay.
    • If you wish to order a blank travel card with no ticket or value, remove your selected season ticket or value from the shopping basket in the overview tab. When there is only a travel card left in the shopping basket, confirm the order.

    Buy a ticket from online store:

  • A travel card can simultaniously hold two season tickets: an active season ticket and a pending season ticket. The new season ticket is put into service when the previous one has expired and you scan the ticket on the bus. An unactivated season ticket will expire within two years of the moment of purchase. If the travel card has an unactivated season ticket, you can buy another pending season ticket on hold for when you have put the season ticket already on the card into service.

  • If you have a valid season ticket in use, you cannot expand your travel area by purchasing an additional zone ticket as an extension for the season ticket. If your trip extends outside the zones of your season ticket, buy a single ticket that is valid for all zones your trip extends to.

    A single ticket is the cheapest when you pay for it with your travel card value or with contactless payment.

  • If your trip differs from the default zones selected on your travel card, or if you travel on OSL buses using another city’s Waltti travel card, do the following:


    • Push the “Poikkeusmatka” button on the bus ticket device
    • Select the zones
    • Scan your card with the ticket device


  • You can use the value loaded onto your travel card to buy a single ticket for yourself and for the person you are travelling with. The price of a single ticket purchased with value is based on the customer group on your travel card. An adult’s travel card can be used to buy a single ticket for adult, and a child’s travel card can be used to buy a single ticket for a child.

  • You can inquire about a missing travel card from the chat bot “OuluBot”. Type in the message field “is my travel card found”. Type in your travel card number or the card owner’s phone number in the message field. If your card has been found, the chat bot will instruct you on how to pick up the card at Oulu10 service point. Prepare to present your proof of identity when picking up your travel card.

    A personal travel card can be cancelled, and a valid ticket and value can be transferred to a new card for a service fee of 6,00 euros. A set-up fee of 3,60 euros is charged for setting up a new card at the ticket sales point. You can order a new blank card free of charge in the online store.

    If a holder-specific (multiple-user) card is lost, it cannot be cancelled and the value on the card cannot be transferred to another card.

  • You can view your travel card’s balance, tickets and default zones in the online store. The bus ticket device shows the value remaining on the card after scanning it. You can also inquire about the balance and information on your card from OSL’s customer service and Oulu10 service point.

    Check your travel card balance, tickets and other information in Waltti online store.

  • You can use the value loaded onto your OSL travel card to buy a single ticket in public transport in other cities that are part of the Waltti ticket system network as well. Vice versa, the value loaded onto the travel cards of other cities in Waltti network can be used to buy single tickets for OSL buses. Do the following:


    • Push the “Poikkeusmatka” button on the bus ticket device
    • Select the zones
    • Scan your card with the ticket device


    If the bus ticket device differs from the one in your city, the driver can charge the fare from your travel card.

  • Value cannot be loaded onto travel cards that have been loaded with either a Kela-granted school transport subsidy ticket for upper secondary level students or with a ticket for a comprehensive school pupil. If you receive school transportation subsidy from Kela or you or your child has received a travel card from school, acquire another travel card for free time travels.

  • If a personal travel card has been handed over to another person’s use, for example an adult uses a child’s card, the driver has the right to take the travel card away from the customer. You can inquire about your card from Oulu10 service point at earliest three days after the repossession of the card. No compensation is paid for the period of repossession.