Ticket vendors & service desks

You may purchase Oulu region transport (OSL) tickets online. In the online store you can:

  • Order a free-of-charge travel card  (delivery to your home in about 2 weeks)
  • Top up your travel card
  • Change your card’s settings (for example, change your default travel zone)
  • Add value to a minor’s travel card (create your child their own online store account)
  • Load Kela’s school transport subsidy to your travel card (must be authenticated with bank information or mobile certificate)
  • Pay with Edenred

Ticket vendors

If you want to make ticket purchases or ask for advice about tickets or routes in person, you may visit ticket vendors. You may also use ticket machines.

  • On the Oulu10 Service Desk you can:

    • Top up your travel card
    • Purchase a personal travel card for yourself or for your child and change the card’s settings
    • Purchase a multi-user travel card
    • Active an Oulu city card’s public transport feature
    • Collect a lost travel card
    • Purchase day tickets for 1-7 days (in effect from first use)
    • Use commuter benefits and load commuter tickets to your travel card
    • Add school transport subsidy ticket to your travel card

    See the opening hours on Oulu’s website. (in Finnish)

    • Top up your travel card (does not include commuter benefits or school transport subsidy)
    • Purchase one day tickets (in effect from moment of purchase)
    • Purchase single tickets (in effect from moment of purchase)
    • Pay with commuter benefits (More information from R-kioski, in Finnish)

    R Kioski vendors that sell Oulu’s public transport tickets:

    • R-kioski Kiviharjuntie 9, OYS Avohoitotalo
    • R-kioski Isokatu 27, city centre
    • R-kioski Ratakatu 11, city centre
    • R-kioski Hallituskatu 31, city centre
    • R-kioski Isokatu 61, city centre
    • R-kioski Merikoskenkatu 6, Tuira
    • R-kioski Metsokankaantie 3, Kaakkuri
    • R-kioski Revontie 1, Haukipudas
  • You can pay with debit/credit cards when using Waltti ticket machines. With the machines you can:

    • Purchase single tickets (in effect from moment of purchase)
    • Top up your travel card

    Waltti ticket machine locations:

    • Oulu City Centre, Valkea shopping centre, kesäkatu, next to the ATM
    • Oulu City Centre, Oulu10 service desk, Torikatu 10
    • OYS, N Entrance (former A3:1)
    • Oulu Airport, arrivals lobby (next to the schedule displays)
    • University of Oulu, in front of J1 door, by the L2 lecture hall
    • Kempele, Zeppeliini shopping centre, in front of B entrance
  • Oulu’s public transport drivers can:

    • Sell single tickets
    • Top up travel card (a 5.00 € service fee is charged per ticket on board the bus)

    Commuter tickets and school transit subsidy cannot be added to your travel card aboard buses. Drivers only accept cash as a payment method. Please make sure you have the exact change.

  • Oulu tourist info sells adult 1 and 2 day tickets for zone Lähi-A.

    Nallikari Holiday Village sells adult and children’s 1, 2 and 7 day tickets for zone Lähi-A.