Refund for cancelled service due to the strikes in the beginning of the year

A person at busstop, Viriänpuisto, Knuutilankangas. Kajaanintie.


You can get a refund from your OSL season ticket for the days when there were no service on your route during the strikes of Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT in February 2nd and February 14th-15th.

You are entitled to get a refund only if you did not use your season ticket for travelling in OSL buses during the strike days.

How to get a refund

Refunds can be get only from a staffed Oulu10 service point. You need to bring your ID card (passport, driver’s license or identity card) as well as your OSL travel card (or Waltti travel card) or the mobile in which you have the application you used to buy the season ticket. Your travel card number in needed, and if you used an app to buy the season ticket, your Waltti ID number is needed and the validity of your season ticket will be verified from the list of transactions in your app. Another person can take care of the refund on your behalf by using a power of attorney.

As compensation you will get a day ticket (1, 2 or 3 day) which is valid from the time you show the ticket to a card reader at the start of your first journey. The day tickets expire 2.6.2024. For example, a day ticket valid for three days must be activated latest on 31.5.2024 in order to be able to use the entire validity of the ticket. If you are unable to use the day tickets received as compensation by 2.6.2024, they will not be further compensated.

Refund requests must be submitted within 30 days

Refund claims due the political strikes in February 2024 must be applied latest by 29.3.2024.

In the future, if you want to apply for lack of service refund due a strike, send your refund application within 30 days from the last day of strike.

For more information

See the contact information and opening hours of Oulu10 service points (the link will take you to the site of the city of Oulu).